Jeddah Mali - Founder Intelligentlife

"I’ve known Jen Morgan for a few years now and have had the pleasure of getting to know her well, both personally and professionally. She has unwavering integrity, absolute professionalism and complete dedication to her work. She has a deep humanity and a rare perception and understanding for how the story of the human family on planet earth unfolds." 

Dr Neil Stott- Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation - Cambridge Judge Business School
"I really like Jen’s practical approach. She is a big picture visionary yet able to inspire people into action. And she does this well by helping to convene people in a way that is personal, appreciative and learning orientated."


Phil Clothier - CEO Barrett Values Centre
"I felt a deep connection to Jen from the first time we connected.  She brings an encompassing systems view that sees people, nature, society and business as an interconnected whole.  New design from this space if unity consciousness is what the planet needs right now.  We are really interested in this approach in our work at the Barrett Values Centre as we want to bring new consciousness to human systems at a deep level of purpose, values and culture".


Louisa Hooper – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Programme Manager, Environment
"It’s such a pleasure to work with Jen and see how her breadth of vision, strategic leadership, ambition for changing the world for the better, confidence in collaboration, and sheer warmth of personality translate the boldest ideas into real action on the ground, often through new and unexpected partnerships."


Sarah Best – IIED, Senior Researcher

"Jen has helped us at IIED and HIVOS to think about how we go about designing and initiating a strategy for a social innovation lab on energy.  She helped run a workshop and put a huge amount of thought into communicating and sharing experience at the Finance Lab, including bringing lab participants to meet with us.  This which made a conceptual idea more 'real' for us and we are using lots of her insights as we shape and deliver our strategy. " 


Marian Goodman - Africa Based Partner, Prescencing Institute 

"I am very impressed with how Jen is helping to convene a new systemic initiative in finance in South Africa.   She has been instrumental to the team in helping them to better understand approaches to change and to design strategic concepts that are both practical and scalable."