Attracting Investment - What Works!

There is so much to think about when ‘attracting’ investors to your work.  

It’s a bit like dating:  you need to show you’re the different dimensions of who you are.   First impressions do matter.   And you are aiming to discover if there is alignment – in intention, values and resonance. And often, you might only have a small window of time to see if there is connection.  

This is something that’s been on our minds at The Finance Innovation Lab @thefinancelab as we prepare to take our work to scale.  

Here’s what we have learned along the way in attracting abundance to our work.  We hope these insights help you in your work too! 

1.       Start with a story

Find a way to draw your audience – swiftly and deeply.    Stories connect.  Stories inspire.   What is a short story that paints a picture of what you do?  The more personal the story, the better.   How can you weave in the story of ‘self’ – why did you start your business?   What is your higher purpose?

2.       Narrate the Need

What is the big need in the world that you are meeting?   What is the background to this need?   How will what you are doing help to make the world a better place?   How will this help to change lives?   What are the top three areas of impact that you want to have?   What is your theory of change?

3.       Magnify your Market

Who will benefit from your work?   Why do they need your service?   Can you describe them and who they are?    What is your relationship to them? What value do you bring them?

4.       Present your Product

What is your product?    How does it work?  Can you demonstrate how it works through pictures or a customer journey?  What is the visual representation of your product?

5.       Exemplify Experience

Give examples of your track record.  What pilot tests have you done to test the market and its needs?   What have you learned from this?   What successes and impact have you had so far?   How are you measuring value? Give testimonials from people on how it’s changed their lives.

6.       Underline Uniqueness

What makes you so unique?   How are you different from other players in your marketplace?  What are your strengths and assets?  What special recognition have you achieved?  How are you creating large scale change?

7.       Demonstrate Demand

Show that there is a market demand.   Who is demanding your services? Where is there opportunity for growth?

8.       Top Team

Who is in the team?  What are their talents and skills and experience?  What are your values and culture? How are they recognised in the world?   Who are they backed by?   How do they complement each other? Demonstrate that you have a tried and tested strategy. 

9.       Powerful Partnerships

Who is involved already?  What commitments have they made?   What is there reach and credibility?    How do you work with them?  What is important to them?

10.   Showing Scale    

Be clear on why you want to grow?   What is your strategic focus?   What assets are you leveraging?  How is your model replicable and transferable?  How do you want to grow? Be honest about risks and challenges.

11.   Focused Financials

What resources do you need to grow over the next 3 years?   Who has invested in you already?  What investment has been secured? What is your business model?   What is the specific and clear ask to investors?  

12.   Recapping the Return

Why should people get involved?  What are they ‘buying’? How will their contribution make a difference?  Paint a picture one year from now.  Invite people into your dream.

13.   Basic Behaviour

There are many intangible and emotional things going when one person is attracted to another.  Investors invest in people.   So don’t forget when you are engaging with investors in person:  smile and have fun, show respect for yourself through how you dress, ensure a high quality presentation, including graphics, know your stuff,  convey the love of what you do and have belief in yourself and your work.