What's Love's Place In Business

Many of our global business challenges, have stemmed from our industrial worldview and values which are based on prioritizing the rational (or the mind) as the only way knowing.  We have set our systems, our societies and organizations up as machines.  Although this has certainly served us well, it is limiting, and it limits the human potential that is influenced by it.  What if we strengthened other ways of knowing in addition to the rational?  What if business strategies were more reliant on intuition? Sensing into emotions and feelings?  It is often that our most meaningful personal decisions happen when we use all of our ways of knowing and are our full selves.   To create a positive future for business (and government and society at large in fact) we all need to find ways to reach our full potential as individuals and as collectives– and this means embracing the deepest level of knowing and being – LOVE.