What Energy Am I?


What energy am I attracted to?

I learned the other day that 98% of my energy is not my own but absorbed by me from others’ energy – so this being true, what makes me attracted to other people’s energy?  Am I magnetized by the type of energy that I want to see in myself?  Does it reflect of what is important to me?

I think it does and this makes me curious. So I did a little experiment this weekend at West Lexham’s summer convergence.   I pretended I was a little metal pin in a magnetic field.   Who & what was I attracted to?


I must say that I wasn’t expecting to be moved by a guy who built solar heating contraptions – but man, was this guy amazing!     What I found most attractive was his love of his subject and his desire to share his love and enthusiasm with us.  That’s it – plain and simple.  No sales job and no ego.   He had read Victorian machine books as a young boy and built his first contraption at the age of 14- he is now 60+.    He took initiative to teach himself.  He is curious about how things work.  He has been practicing and experimenting all of his life.  He is an inventor, a vicar, an accountant – and in my mind a teacher.  Creating new things that are practical.  Reframing (literally!) how people perceive things and their use – with simplicity and care.     Curious, Passionate, Practical, Sharing.


Although I have known Niamh for years, I was attracted to her ‘relaxed and responsible’ energy this weekend.   She, with grace, floated in and around the grounds of West Lexham with Basil intuiting what needed to be done & lending a hand and a big smile: gathering wood, guiding guests to their sessions, providing lifts for guests, offering support for some of the speakers and beautifully telling her own story of Tasting the Future.  She did this with respect of others and herself – as this was the work that was needed to be done for the day.    Self- responsible, Doing, Intuitive.


Although I have just recently met Lucy through West Lexham,  I was attracted to her ‘versatile energy’.  Being able to stretch from welcoming guests and framing the weekend with poise and clarity to making pizza bases with her guests.    She had intention for hosting the weekend but stayed open to others and the emergence of what was building over the weekend.   Intentional, Versatile and Open.


At first I noticed myself questioning his intense energy, but then in practice with him I shifted my connection.  Stuart has been practicing Aikido for quite some time and he shared some of his stuff with us on Sunday.   To watch him in action was absolutely beautiful – rolling down the hill in connection with the earth or making swift cuts with his sword.   His mastery was attractive:  somebody so interested and passionate about something they practice, practice and practice until they become a master.  Discipline, Practice, Mastery.


Ok so I love dogs – but I realised why this weekend.  I found myself being attracted to Basil’s energy of unconditional love & deeper knowing.   The way that he looked into my & held my eyes with his big brown eyes – the eye contact was powerful.  The way that, in his presence, people let go of their edge and just became all melty and lovy.


This dude rocked (and rolled)!   A teacher and lover of music and anything sonic Jamie brought us down to the water’s edge to make music with leaves, coins, metal boxes – anything we chose- because we all had talent to play as a maestro.  He believes that anyone can be great at anything – if they just believe they can do it and let go of ‘labels’ people have given them.   And even better, if they stay in a moment of being their own element – even if it sounds bad from a conventional sense-  then practice at that edge like crazy – we could break the sound barrier on human creativity the world over.   I was attracted to his energy.  Challenging convention, believing in people and metaphysical meaning.


This guy- and his friends- were really interesting to me.   They were experimenting with a new form of performing arts. Some people found it rather controversial on the day- including myself- however I was energized by these guys and their interest in experimenting with us and testing things out.    They were eager to learn about what I/We thought and to improve their gig.  They were out to help people to test their assumptions.   Experimental, open, creative, improving.

So some of the questions/reflections this leaves me with:

I am attracted to energy that is:

Experimental, open, creative, improving.

Challenging convention, believing in people and metaphysical meaning.

Unconditional love & deeper knowing.

Discipline, Practice, Mastery.

Intentional, Versatile and Open.

Curious, Passionate, Practical, Sharing.

Self- responsible, Doing, Intuitive.

I want to continue to explore further:

  • What is my mastery?
  • What are my passions?
  • What do I want to share with the world?
    How can I get more practical?  Especially with junk!
  • I love music and how it moves me. Want to make more space for this – how?
  • Connection to nature and my source. Want to make more space for this – how?
  • What do I need to practice?