Examples of the New Paradigm Emerging .....

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Today is the first day of Spring.

Spring is a time of birth, transformation and change.

The lighter days.

The singing robins.

The smiling daffodils.

The warming sun.

To me it’s a time of awakening.

This spring there is also something else in the air. And that something else are the shining rays of hope and inspiration for humanity that are breaking through the clouds.

The source of this new energy is the people who are birthing and growing the ‘new’. People who are serving a higher purpose, creating communities of action, experimenting with solutions, working at a systemic level and seeking to evolve themselves.

These people inspire me.

I love these people – and many of them are my friends and peers. Many of them have shifted how I am in the world. I am more whole and true because of them. I thank them for their gifts, talents and intention to create a better world.

I have made a simple list and have clustered these into groups of what I believe is needed in the world for the Great Transformation. They generally fall into three overarching themes of how change happens, through awareness, association and agency.

This small contribution is to illuminate these rays of light that are becoming stronger and stronger day by day, season by season, year by year.

Enjoy the light!




BTW - Here is a summary of clusters and themes!


The Advocates of the New

The Leaders of Human Consciousness

The Meaningful Conversations

The Cultivators of New Knowledge


The Communities of Influence

The Evolving Mainstream

The Emergence of the New


The Accelerators of the New

The Processes for Systems Change

The Special Places

The Conscious Creatives

The Advocates for the New


new economics foundation (nef)

Dan Vockins cultivating a powerful community for the new economy. http://www.neweconomics.org/


Move your Money

Danielle Paffard enabling people to move their money from the ‘to big to fails’. http://www.moveyourmoney.org.uk/


Positive Money

Ben Dyson helping us to understand the money system- money is really created out of nothing! http://www.positivemoney.org/



Catherine Howarth inspiring and enabling the way for an awakening of citizen investor movement. http://www.shareaction.org/


World Development Movement

Deborah Doane working on addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality. http://www.wdm.org.uk/



Greg Ford challenging the finance sector to serve society. http://www.finance-watch.org/


High Pay Centre

Revealing unhealthy pay gap between senior executives and general public. http://highpaycentre.org/


Tax Justice Network

Uncovering what is really going on around tax and tax havens. http://www.taxjustice.net/cms/front_content.php?idcatart=2&lang=1


Unison: The Public Sector trade union

Engaging in important topics like Responsible Investment and the new economy. http://www.unison.org.uk/


The Guardian- Sustainable Business Section

Jo Confino writing eloquently about big business topics for a new paradigm world. http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/joconfino



The Leaders of Human Consciousness


Barrett Brown

Has done some great research into the leadership that is needed today – based on spirituality, systems thinking, complexity, intuition and co-evolution of others.



Terry Patten

One of the world’s most inspirational thought leaders, practioners and spiritual guides on integral intentional evolution - hosts a great 8 week online course on integral leadership. http://www.terrypatten.com/


Clare Zammit

An inspirational woman cultivating evolutionary leadership for women (and men who choose to be awake) she hosts a great online course which was life shifting for me - ‘Calling in the One’.


Rupert Sheldrake

Once called a heretic, now one of the most attractive scientists out there on fields of resonance. All summed up in his recent book The Science Delusion


Lynn McTaggart

An amazing woman who is at the edge of quantum physics and leadership – love her books The Intention Experiment and The Bond.


Joseph Jaworski

I’ve been a big fan for sometime with his work on systems change and more recently on the ‘little rabbit hole’ of leadership – intuition and different ways of knowing- Source has been an inspiration.


Donella Meadows

Grandmother of systems thinking – her Twelve Leverage Points Intervene in the System is my all time classic for understanding systems change. http://www.sustainer.org/pubs/Leverage_Points.pdf


Bill Torbet

Seminal work around action research and collaborative leadership for transformation.



Gregory Bateson

An amazing man who taught humanity about relationships, interconnections, patterns and context – a new conscious- connecting all the dots.



Stephan Harding

Teaches deep ecology and what it means to connected to Gaia – does a great little jig!


Dr Wayne Dyer

Taught me the qualities of the higher intention of the universe which are based on kindness, beauty, creativity, abundance and love – a life changing book in The Power of Intention


Thomas Berry

Grandaddy of the idea that we need to tap unlock humanities latent potential to do The Great Work for a transition to a thriving world.


Joanna Macy

An eco-philosopher and Buddhist activist helping to call in the ‘Great Turning’. The World as Lover, World as Self is one of my favourites


Ken Wilber

A great thinking synthesising all of the world’s greatest traditions and knowing into an integral theory.



The Meaningful Conversations


School of Life

Talks and workshops for good ideas for Everyday and the meaning of life.



Royal Society of Arts

Hosts regular free talks from authors, artists, designers, sociologists etc on creating a prosperous society.




Hosts regular talks in Piccadilly and workshops with some of the great gurus and leading practitioners in human consciousness.



Oxford Jam

An annual fringe event to Skoll World Forum Conference- everything and anything here to do with social finance and social business.



SOCAP- Social Capital Markets

An annual conference for the intersection of money and meaning



PYMWYMIC Impact Days (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is Conference)

An annual conference which brings together entrepreneurs and venturing financiers.



Beyond Awakening Series

A fantastic free tele-series with conversations with evolutionaries from all over the world.



Juicy Living Tour

The inspirational Lilou Mace has made a living by following her dream of interviewing 1000’s of transformative change makers from all over the world.




The Cultivators of New Knowledge and Knowhow


Ashridge Business School - Masters in Science – Sustainability and Responsibilty

Founded originally by Anita Roddick, this life transforming course (I’ve done it!) uses personal action learning as its base to practice addressing the root issues and solutions for sustainability and systemic change. www.ashridge.org.uk/amsr


University of Cumbria- Institute For Leadership and Sustainability

Led by the dynamic Dr Jem Bendell, IFAS is cultivating new forms of learning which are based on action inquiry, teaching and dialogue. The University has a fantastic history of working with arts, experiential learning and social justice.



Schumacher College

These inspiring pioneers are guiding transformative learning for sustainable living offering courses on systems change, complexity and human consciousness.



Central St Martin’s - Innovation Centre

Offers higher education for creativity and innovation to redesign business and society.



University of Surrey - Centre for Environmental Strategy

Tim Jackson and Ian Christie are leading thinkers for sustainable lifestyles and new economic prosperity.




John Elkington and team are a think tank for market driven solutions for the 21st C.

Check out their latest thought leadership publication- Breakthrough Capitalism



Imperial College- Centre for Environmental Policy

Mike Tennant leads the Business and the Environment track which takes a systems approach to learning.



Alia Institute

A unique blend of personal transformation, innovation and community for leadership for the 21st C.



The Bold Academy

An accelerator to help people find clarity and depth for realising their greatest potential.



THNK- The Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership

Incubating the next generation of creative leaders that will have a social impact on the world.


The Communities of Influence


Global Alliance for Banking on Social Values

A global network of higher purpose banks serving society and the environment.



Escape the City

A network of over 100,000 people who are looking to make a move from a career from the City – to more meaningful work.



The Hub Westminster

Alice Fung and Indy Johar hosting a superstudio which is incubating a new society.



The Institute for Social Banking

Training and research programme for all of the social banks around the world.




A framework and a global movement of small and medium companies who have all signed up to serving a higher purpose.



SIX (Social Innovation Exchange)

A network connecting and inspiring innovators from all over the world.




The Evolving Mainstream


Old Mutual Group: The Asset Manager

Liz Murphy is cultivating values and consciousness within her organisation.


SWIFT A cooperative providing a backend technology for global banks

Martine Deweirdt is leading her team at Innotribe for greater social innovation in banking.


Bank of England: The UK regulator for Banking

Andy Haldane is mapping the banking sector as a complex, natural ecosystem


Social Stock Exchange: An exchange platform for Social Businesses

Pradeep Jethi is creating a new exchange platform connecting social finance and social businesses. http://www.socialstockexchange.com/sse/


Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET): A Research Institute for the 21st C

Backed by George Soros, this research body is cultivating new research for the 21st Century http://ineteconomics.org/


James Martin Institute, Oxford Said: A School of Futures

Ian Goldin is progressing futures thinking and scenario planning – looking at big issues such as global risk. http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/director/


Capital Institute: A US think-tank on future of finance

Ex-JP Morgan Managing Director John Fullerton is engaging the highest level of banking in the US calling for systems change and a shift of purpose of finance. http://www.capitalinstitute.org/about


Earth Capital Partners: A Private Equity Firm

James Stacy is creating a new model for measuring impact – Earth Dividend.


WHEB: An Asset Manager in energy and resource efficiency

Seb Beloe is leading the research team seeking to create new investment markets for energy efficiency. http://www.whebpartners.com/


Jupiter Ecology Fund: The UK’s First Green Fund

A global fund seeking solutions to environmental and social problems.


Shirlaws: Business Coaching

Suki Lando Smith is a coach with clarity and consciousness and many fine models which help to create and leverage an asset based business.



Kessel and Smit: Learning and Development

Andres Roberts, Cees Springer and Margriet Shut are part of a group of 50 professionals working as a learning and development using practices of action learning, communities of practice and Appreciative Inquiry.




The Emergence of the New


Abundance Generation

Bruce Davis paving the way for citizen investors for clean energy. https://www.abundancegeneration.com/


Triodos Bank

James Vaccarro bringing human consciousness to the core of banking. http://www.triodos.co.uk/en/personal/



Giles Robertson connecting real investors to the real economy. http://uk.zopa.com/



Theresa Burton championing a crowdfunding platform for good ideas.




Faisal Rahman empowering local communities through finance. http://www.fairfinance.org.uk/



Bertrand Beghin structuring complex financial products for good. http://www.numbers4good.com/about-us/



Ed Dowding growing sustainable food systems http://sustaination.co/



Benita Matofska creating a sharing platform – why do we need money anways! http://www.compareandshare.com/thepeoplewhoshare/


Good Energy

Julia Davenport pioneering what energy should really be about.




The Accelerators the New


Tellus Mater Foundation

Resourcing and supporting those who are addressing systemic issues in capital markets.


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Resourcing and supporting organisations that are creating new paradigms for the economy.


The Cabinet Office- Social Finance Team

Resourcing and supporting the incubators of new businesses and the economy.


Big Society Capital

Funding and creating a stronger social investment market in the UK.


NESTA – The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts

Promoting innovation in the UK through grants, research and support.


Network for Social Change

An enlightened group of high net worth individuals who fund the new paradigm.


Friends Provident Foundation

A values based foundation, funding projects that are bringing a rebalance to the market and provide people access to finance.


Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ellen is taking a lead on funding the circular economy and engaging UK’s youth as a catalyst for change.


John Templeton Foundation

A US based foundation resourcing important subjects dealing with evolving human consciousness.

The Processes for Change


The Finance Innovation Lab – of course!

An incubator and accelerator for new forms of prosperity for people and planet. Check out our work at www.thefinancelab.org


The Systems Innovation Lab - Forum for the Future

The fabulous Anna Birney is leading this work at forum – she’d love to hear from you!



Social Innovation Generation

A living lab which is cultivating systemic solutions for society in Canada.



SIZ Social Innovation Zone

The Maria Scordialos leading this collaboration in Greece – this is the future! http://the-siz.org/who/


Good For Nothing

These guys host fun innovation hackathons which aim to zoom in on a complex sticky topic.



The Comms Lab

Founded by Jonathan Wise and Ella Saltmarshe these guys are helping advertising and communications sector evolve.



Helps companies innovate, build capacities and cultures – all around a human centred design approach. http://www.ideo.com/uk/


Purple Beach

The energetic Annemie Ress has created a platform to explore how to cultivate diverse thinking especially amongst the ‘people innovation’ sector. http://www.purplebeach.com/


Reos Partners

Innovating solutions for complex social systems – these guys, including the intellectual powerhouse of Zaid Hassan, work on projects all around the world. They use the ‘U’ process as a key tool for change. http://reospartners.com/


Berkana Institute

Great thought leaders and practitioners, Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, are taking a whole systems approach to change. Their theory of change has been so helpful in my work. http://www.berkana.org/

The Special Places


West Lexham

Edmund and Lucy host the magical West Lexham which is a super example of re-community- it is also a great retreat space – including yurts and treehouses! http://www.westlexham.org/


Hackney City Farm

Gustavo and his team are cultivating community and farming in London’s east end, HCF is a great example of community engagement –awesome fry ups too! Nice meeting room for hire.



The Exchange/Rooftop Cafe

A new fresh workspace just under the Shard and reminding us of the important of intimate community and sustainability. Fantastic experimental chef from Oz on the decks. Definitely a good place to host group dinner conversations.




Founded by women, to bring a new space to the City of London where people can have more intimate, meaningful and enjoyable conversations and connections. Yummy green smoothies and flat whites.



Huzur Vadisi

Founded by Jane and her husband as a holistic centre for being over 30 years ago, Huzur Vadisi in Turkey is a very special place for yoga retreats. Amazing food too!




An intentional community which has just been named by the UN as a ‘community of the future’. Some of the most stunning beaches and sand dunes in the UK.



St Ethelburgas

Lead by the lovely Justine, St Ethelburgas Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is a little oasis in the City of London. Great talks, super meeting spaces for large and small groups and a fantastic growing international music programme.




The Conscious Creatives


Personal Storytelling

Dan Milne and Jane Nash lead Narativ’s UK work and have been so helpful to me in realising the power of personal story telling.




Suzannah Conway is an amazing creative reawakening creativity and self expression. She does a fabulous blogging course called ‘Blogging from the Heart’. Very helpful!



Creative Writing

The spiritual dynamo Jackee Holder is creativity to the core. Her book Soul Purpose has been a great personal catalyst as has her Creative Writing Course.



Slam Poetry

Tim Merry slamming out the beat and the words at workshops and conferences that help people step into a brand new space of possibility. He’s also a great art of hosting dude.




She is a great teacher and a great clown, Chris Seeley knows that play and fun help people to ‘know’ in different ways.


Lumi Yoga

Ari and Elina, the dynamic duo, blend practices of yoga, intention and personal transformation into a powerful yoga practice. Watch out for their new studio in West London!