The Ministry of Meaning

The Ministry of Meaning- Marianne Williamson- April 23, 2012  

The Minister of Meaning – that is Marianne Williamson.   She is one of the most inspirational people I have ever spent an hour with.  Ok, so I was with her and 1,000 other people at an evening talk at Alternatives at St Michael’s Church in Piccadilly, but regardless of that – I was with her wholly for an hour.   She is authentic in her intent. She is fierce in her message.  She is a captivating storyteller of the new paradigm.

Love at the centre of everything - Can you imagine a baby being born an ‘evil baby’?   Humans, and all life forms, are born with Love as our natural state and we have an innate desire to see life flourish.  It is not until we are introduced to dogmas and ideologies do we start to live from a place of fear and not love.  Our Ego then takes over, as we are culturally conditioned, and gets in the way of our loving.   The universe has a pre-destined story of Love at its centre – and it is for us to slowly uncover and discover its inherent wisdom.   Just like Michaelango did with his marble “ Within the block of marble is already a perfectly formed sculpture- its just my job to chip away and reveal its beauty".   And the Universe has a plan that all wars will cease.  The Universe has a plan that life on this planet will thrive and prosper.  What do I believe the universe has in store already & what is my sculpture that I am uncovering which reveals this higher state of Love?

We need a Cosmic ‘reboot button’ - Transcending with our suffering, pain, and fear that is deeply held within our society is essential to deal with the cultural crisis we face. Our individual insanity all stacks up to our collective insanity.  We need to take responsibility for our atonement and reach a state of grace which moves us to our future.  Its time for use to ‘get off the Cross as we need the Wood’!  It is time for us all to personally resurrect and to move from a place of ‘probability’ to that of ‘possibility’.  Have I REALLY atoned the depth of my insecurities, anger, fears and shadows?  Am I ready to transcend time and space and move into my Possibility?

Human suffering is NOT acceptable in this house!- I, as the gentleman in the audience had asked in his question, often wonder:  “What would happen if, we just let humans on their path of destruction – Isn’t this just the normal evolution of things?  The Earth is a living system and will take care of itself – and if humans are this ignorant, perhaps this is what we asked for? "     If we sit here with this thought – then we are accepting that human suffering is ok.   Is it ok that there are likely to be millions of climate refugees?  Is it ok that many people are likely to starve and be caught in resource conflict?   “Excuse me Sir, in this house that thought is just NOT acceptable.  Humanity is our collective children and we have a responsibility.  This is not happening on my watch!"  Yes! I believe in that.   What are the things that are just non-negotiables for me- that I feel so instinctively fierce about?

Conviction makes miracles - In our society, we have become complacent- about ourselves, about each other, and about the world around us.  In a sense we have habitualised a perverse comfort zone in being victims of the emerging complexity of our world.   This complacency is almost as bad as ‘doing harm’ to others, as Marianne points out, through this neutral complacency ‘detrimental behaviours’ tend to rise to the surface through this haze of sleep.  So we need to Love, and to Love like we have NEVER EVER loved before.  The strength in this conviction of Love will set our humanity on a new path and turn the human Titanic away from the catastrophic iceberg that lies ahead in our not too distant future.   Part of my storytelling for the new paradigm is to be VERY clear of my personal convictions in my intention, my values, my gifts and my passions.  I intend to state my Ministry – my unique service to the Universe and life prospering.

 I am a new Paradigm Witch and a Mother Bear - My role as a woman is an important one.  As we have seen in species that are threatened – it is the fierce mother bear that protects her cubs – unconditionally and with conviction.    We, including many of the women in leadership roles, are leaving our species on a limb with no protection, no care and no concern.   My role as woman is also apparent in looking into the web of a new paradigm witch.  The origins environmentalism started as the Church and Pagan beliefs clashed.  Pagans believed in their connection to the seasons, the universe, and all other life.  I believe this.  For the Church to grow, belief that God created the universe and that Man was to control what God created for him was promoted.  This did not bode well if you were a witch- a pagan woman who worked at the centre of a community and who could sense and was vocal about the incongruence against natural systems that of which the church was imposing.  So my role is a new paradigm witch – to re-show the congruence of natural systems as a new form of prosperity.  My role is to be a fierce mother bear too, in protecting all of human cubs in their survival.

 We know what needs to be done- let’s kick some ass! We, especially we in the spiritual and environmental movement, know what needs to be done.  We’ve been talking about it for several decades now & its time that we now embody the change that we need to see in the world.  Granted this cancer that has struck us, is not like the cancer of the mid 1900’s, where things like the Germans of WW2 were easy to surgically remove such as a tumour.  Today’s cancers are much more complex and are more like lymph cancers which expand throughout the system.   We need new (w)holistic solutions now.   This includes transcending the roots of each of our own personal shame, vulnerabilities and fear (not to wallow in it) but to move beyond it. In this we will deal with our own personal Armageddon’s, and thus the collective Armageddon will take care of itself.  Every moment is a moment for our own self-actualisation and we have a choice – clear and simple- to operate from a place of Love or Fear.  Everyone of our thoughts, even those that we do not express, create form of some sort.   A reminder to remind myself to do this everyday and to continue to embody the new culture I want to see!  And to realise the importance of meditation as a form of clearing unintentional frames –this supports the Love story.