Quantum Science and Leadership


The Starlight of Intention

When you look up in the sky and see the light of a star, there is a good chance that it has died out long ago and what you are really seeing the remnants of its existence.

What if our thoughts and intentions were like that too?  And that our thoughts left light trails which influenced everything in their path?  If this was so, then perhaps people would feel more empowered, engaged  and responsible in life because what they said and did had a VERY significant impact on the world around them.

Well, recent quantum physics is showing us just this – that the ripple effects of our thought and intention are much more powerful than we think.

Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment, (theintentionexperiment.com) has really made me think about this subject and how I can build this into my own life as well as my work within the Finance Innovation Lab – an experiment in its own right seeking to enable a finance system which sustains people and planet.

Relationships & Interconnection – the fundamentals of life.

For the last several hundred years and in our own lifetime of grade school science classes, we have been taught that everything exists independently of everything else and that matter ‘is as it is’ – not volatile and fixed with its own set boundaries – unless there is a force or a collision which makes things do something else.  Freezing, melting, dying, vaporising, burning, breaking. We humans behave in the same way- going about our business as busy molecules – waking, working, sleeping, eating- trodding on believing that life and all of its activity carries on despite what we do and think.

However, quantum physics is teaching us that the tiniest foundations of life are not fixed or staid but rather a gigantic moving web of interrelationship and in constant intercommunication.  Unlike billiard balls bouncing around hitting each other the tiniest of tiny molecules act rather like waves of light influencing each other in their path.

 So how do we, as leaders and citizens, really prepare ourselves to engage in the world which is all about relationship and interconnection?  What type of skills do we need to build for collaboration, trust, communication and understanding?  How can we provide spaces and opportunities for people to develop these types of leadership skills?

Multiple Truths- accepting everything as a relevant truth.

What I find most fascinating about quantum physics is that things are moving so fast and are so interrelated the only real truth is what is perceived by the observer at that very nano-second of observation.   This means that nothing really exists as a thing independently of our perception of it.  This is mind blowing as it suggests that really there is no one truth given that the observer will always look at different things, at different times, from a different perspective.

So how can we all loosen up a bit and not be so stuck on our own truths?  Because really – it’s all perceived anyways!   How can we hold it all a bit more lightly and learn to appreciate and be curious about other people’s truths.  How do we hold spaces for multiple truths to be heard, appreciated and put together as a melange of multiple solutions for change?

Everything is open for influence- so let’s get to it!

More widely,  what quantum physics show us is that nothing is fixed and that everything is open to influence.   Molecules exist in a state of pure potential until we the observer put it into actuality.  Quantum physics also shows us that our consciousness can also directly affect matter rather than mind being separate to matter and locked in the brain.  In our act as participator and ‘setter of reality’ in the quantum world, we are also an influencer as well. We are influencing every moment of life no matter what we do. This has great implications as it suggests that we have a choice on what, who and how to influence and for what purpose.

  If we are more influential than we thought, does that bear a certain responsibility upon us to be intentional for the benefit of life on earth and the greater good of human evolution?   How can we cultivate the intrinsic values of community, benevolence and love in order to drive our positively intentional evolution?

 Go where the energy is- here, there and everywhere.

Humans are natural receivers of energy – for example, if you stick your finger in the TV antennae socket, you will act as the TV antennae and pick up waves and improve the TV’s reception.  Simple movement of our hand creates an electrical charge and most importantly,  it creates a relationship. The composition of water’s molecular structure is even shown to be changed by a healer’s energy. Every movement we make influences the people and life around us.

Experiments also show that the electrostatic energy of someone standing still is 10-15 mill volts, the electrostatic energy of someone meditating is 3 volts and experienced healers in practice emit 190 volts. Interestingly, most of the pulses of energy were coming from healers abdomen and energy remains even after the healing is given.  The most influential and most efficient flow of energy is light as they are the most organised forms of energy in nature.

One of the strangest things about quantum physics is the feature of called ‘non-locality’ or ‘quantum entanglement’- once sub-atomic particles are in contact they remain in contact despite external factors coming into play which might separate them.  Invisible connection occurs between molecules at a quantum level that even heat or a push cannot influence.

So human beings are both receivers and transmitters of quantum signals.  Directed intention sends both electric and magnetic signals.  Our intentions operate as highly coherent frequencies changing the very molecular makeup and bonding of nature. Like any form of coherence in the subatomic world, one well directed thought might be like a laser light illuminating without every loosing its power.

 How can we become more aware of our energy transmission?  If energy transmission (and the intention behind it) can positively influence- how can we develop skills and opportunities for people to improve their cultivation techniques?  How can we open our eyes to the realisation that our energy connects to others even when they are at a distance?   Might this suggest that scaling out change initiatives and ‘working at a distance’ is easier than we think it is?  How can social media accentuate our invisible ‘distant energetic’ connections?

 Positive thinking –  lighting up life.

 Korotov’s conducted an experiment with plants, hooking them up to a lie detector and projecting positive and negative thoughts to them, the plant would react accordingly – either perk up or wilt.   He stumbled across evidence that all living things engage in a constant two way flow of information with their environment enabling them to register the most nuanced of human thought. When you set an intention, every single major physiological system in your body is mirrored in the body of the receiver.  Intention is the perfect manifestation of love.  Two bodies become one.  And every last thought appears to augment of diminish something else’s light.

 How can we more fully light someone up through our positive and compassionate intentions?  What is the cumulative effect of secret negative intentions, wishes, powe- play upon each other (and the natural world) and how does this really manifest itself?  Would the world be a better place if we could all improved our positive thinking and started from a place of possibility and appreciation?

Entrainment and Resonance – we’re more powerful together.

“Entrainment” is a term in physics which means that two oscillating systems fall into synchronicity.   Such as two swinging pendulums falling into motion as one.   Tiny exchanges of energy that are caused by non-synchronicity causes one to slow and one to speed up until they are both in phase.  It is also related to “Resonance”, the ability of a system to absorb more energy than normal at a particular frequency.  Every vibrating thing has its own frequency where it finds vibrating the easiest.  When it listens or receives vibrations from somewhere else it tunes everything else out and tunes into its own resonant frequencies.   The seas, the planets, mothers and babies all work to the rhythms of resonance.

What is fascinating about quantum physics is that when things are entrained and march to the same cadence, together they send out a stronger signal than they do individually.  You can feel this when you listen to an orchestra vs. a single violinist.

 So what if we all tuned into each other more and really worked from a place of resonance and entrainment.  How can adapt to become more synchronized to people we may be out of synch with or with whom we have different world views?  How can we find and connect with more people with whom we share a great resonance?    How can we create spaces and places for us to work together inpowerful resonance so we can create greater impact together than what could do alone?

Heart and intuition - as the greatest intelligence.

 Experiments by McCraty show that participants who are hooked up to equipment and are expected to be shown emotionally charged photos react to the photos before they are actually shown them.  And in these experiments it is proven that the heart reacts even before the brain does.  These types of experiments show that the body has certain perceptual apparatus that enables it to continuously scan and intuit the future, and that the heart may hold the largest antennae. McCraty’s experiment showed that the heart is the largest brain in the body and influence aspects of higher thought in the brain.

 How can we build our intuitive skills and rely more on the intelligence of the ‘heart’ more to guide higher thought and decision-making?   How do we help people get out of their head and give them the chance to practice being more in the heart?

 Principles for intention

McTaggart shows that many varying experiments conducted with cancer patients, Buddhist monks, athletes reveal that there are certain principles which enable intention to be conveyed and received.  These include four key things:

  • Motivation (a sense of urgency)
  • Attention (via meditation for example creates more coherent brain waves)
  • Compassion (dissolve boundaries between self and sender, letting go of ego)
  • Belief (confidence in sending info across a distance)

 So this makes me think – in developing new business strategies, new change processes, new personal development goals – what if we use these four ingredients and principles as a guide for realising our intentions?  Would we be more successful in calling in the universe to help us with our aims?

Are you a good intentionalist?

 Experiments also show that ‘thin boundary people’ are better transmitters of intention.  These are often people who are open, unguarded and undefended.  People who are also sensitive, vulnerable, creative and get quickly involved in relationships are also ideal people to transmit intentions. These people do not repress uncomfortable thoughts nor do they separate thought and feeling.  These people are often found in the creative or arts sectors of society.

Most healers, or powerful intentionalists, are good at what they do because they are not just compassionate but they also get themselves out of the way – and they surrender to a healing force. They frame their intention as a request- “please may this person be healed” – and then allowed the greater force in.  None of the successful healers believed that they hold the power themselves.  When healers are healthy their light signals are stronger.  The most effective healer may be the ones that have been healed themselves.

 So how do we cultivate these types of skills in ourselves and in others?  How can we learn more from the creative sectors in order to open ourselves up to be better intentionalists?   How do we get ourselves (and our EGOs) out of the way and let the wider order of things step in to do the rest?   How do we ensure we cultivate our healthiness and happiness so we can be better healers for the planet and its people?


Places and timing for best intention

Intention has a wider relationship to the cycles of sun, stars, and circadian rythmns. Every living thing is synchronized not internal rhythms but rather by patterns of the planets, sun and circadian events.   For example, solar cycles which happen about eleven years and are equivalent to 40 billion atomic bombs,  rip apart magnetic fields of the earth.   When this happens it is shown that solar geomagnetic patterns effect the heart and heart attack patterns rise and fall. It is also shown that mental issues and conflict also rise during these solar events.

It has also been shown that there is higher residual energy registered at places like Queens Chamber at The Great Pyramid or Wounded Knee in Wyoming.  In places like this there is a lingering vortex of coherent energy from all people who prayed and died there.   This suggests the lingering effect of intention when waves of an ambient field become more ordered an intention may ripple through it like one targeted bullet.

 So when we aspire to set intentions or if we are hosting important large gatherings it feels important to pay attention to timings of the wider universal cycles as well as to pay attention to the place in which these gatherings are called.   What if change agents continually met at certain place?  Would this increase the intentionality success? 

Visualising and Feeling our Future

 Intention techniques are very successfully used in sports or artistic performances.   It has been proven that simply thinking about something produces the same mental  instructions and doing the action itself.  Even thinking about building muscles builds the muscle capacity to 33% of what it would do if you actually physically worked that muscle on a regular basis! (I am thinking about doing sit ups now).   Mental rehearsal lays down the neural tracks just as physical rehearsal does.  It is shown that it is even more impactful when it includes all five senses and when one visualises the moment of achievement.

 So what if we were to start visualising a better world in which humans lived in harmony with each other and all other forms of life?  How can we ‘sense into this’ and create spaces in which lots of people can imagine, see, touch, believe, feel the positively intentional future that we all aspire to?

So now what do I intend?

 All of our major human achievements have been derived from asking an outrageous question.  What if stones fall from the sky?  What if there is no end of the earth to sail off of?  What if giant metal objects could overcome gravity?  What if time was not absolute but depends on where you are?  What if our thoughts really could affect the things around us?

I really loved Lynne’s book as it reminded me of the power of our intentions given our interconnected world, that we have a responsibility to all life on earth to convey and cultivate positive intentions, that we can build our own skill in being more masterful in intention – including using our heart and intuition, we can be  more intentional if we work together with others with whom we resonate and that through visualisation and feeling into the future we can literally pave the way for our success.

Her book, which tells the story of the fundamentals of life through quantum physics, was more evidence for me in my role as an intentional evolutionary in that I have the ability, responsibility and potential to help align life to the foundational truths of life on earth and in the universe---relationship, interconnection and co-creation.