My Role In Evidencing The New Story

My role as a storyteller in evidencing the new paradigm culture

I believe that humanity is on the cusp of a new dawn – one that is based on compassion, consciousness, collaboration and creativity.  Humanity is being called to wake from our sleep and to be intentional in uncovering our dreams of the future and to be the future now.

My purpose in life is to embody, and to enable and evidence this new future which is based on new ways of relating which embrace authenticity, appreciation, creativity and natural systems.

My goal is to continuously seek to cultivate the nexus of my passions, my gifts/skills and the needs of the world – this is the place of my mastery and my beauty and my truth.

I do this through my life’s work which is enabling spaces where people can come together to collaborate, learn and co-evolve together for new consciousness – I am doing this now through my work at the Finance Innovation Lab.

As part of the cultivation of my mastery, I want to improve my practice around ‘evidencing the new story’ that is awaiting to be told and actualized.

What are the practices of storytelling that will help me cultivate the story of the new paradigm that is emerging?

How can I develop stories that embrace the nature of what I am working with:  complexity, personal to systemic transformation, emergence, creativity, learning – especially in a way that transcends boundaries of old and new paradigm? Or moving from Fear to Love?

What stories, metaphors and analogies can I use which may help people better understand the Finance Lab story e.g. we are Cathedral Builders of the 21st Century.