Leading Through Love

The New Logic of Love

January 2012

Fact. We need to create a new logic for the systems that support humanity.   Our current logic frame is rooted in 100’s of years of believing that we are separate from nature, separate from each other and even separate to our true selves.    Our old worldview is becoming obsolete very, very fast.  It no longer serves our happiness or future prosperity.

Intelligence of the Heart

If our old logic, and how we formulate our logic, is broken how do we create this new logic, the new story for what it means to be human?    Well, our rational brains are limited and constrained by 100s of years of embedded social structures and mindsets.   Despair, suffering and fear has been built into our worldview.  One could even say that we now living in a Dark Age and are still living in the shadows and repercussions of the two world wars of the 20th Century. We now need to turn to the intelligence of the heart.

The head no longer has the capacity to engage with the complexity, the depth and the interrelatedness of the solutions that are needed in the shift to a worldview that supports life.  It is the heart that is likely to be the greatest expansive medium for change.  Love is limitless, love is empowering, love is possibility.  And it is through engaging the heart (and of course not forgetting the head) that we will create this new logic.  However the question then becomes, “how do we create this new logic whilst the systems, such as the money system, upon which we depend are the last to adapt?”

 Old and New Worldview – An Integrated Approach to Systems Change

I do believe that Thomas Kuhn has a point when he reflects on the great paradigm shifts of science and says, change happens when “you keep pointing a the anomalies and failures in the old paradigm as you keep speaking louder and with assurance from the new one”.  However, if we believe that all of life is interconnected, as modern quantum physics would suggest, then we should not isolate the old systems at the expense of the new systems.  We can’t idolize the ‘new’ whilst demonizing the ‘old’ as this in itself is a manifestation of ‘separateness’.  Instead, we must call on ourselves to find ways to realise the old system is a breakdown of order, which in itself is a type of ‘suffering’.  So, in comes Love.   In comes compassion.  In comes a realisation of interconnectedness and relationship.

Evidencing a New Logic

So with Love at our core, we must find ways to reveal a new logic and a new story for humanity.  And this includes providing spaces for the knitting together of people, practices and ideas for transformational change to take place.  From here, in order to connect the old and the new worldviews, it will be essential to ‘evidence’ this new logic and to also ‘demonstrate rationally’ that it is possible. In my own world, there are things I think are impossible.  It is not until other people show me it its reasonable that I shift my behaviour. With this, inserting people with the new paradigm in places of visibility and power is important.

Telling the Audacious Story

In calling in the ‘new’, we need to be able to tell this new story so that people, who are ready to be awakened and to take action, have a story to fall into.  This includes working with active change agents and with the vast middle group of people who are open-minded.   And it is the power of story that allows the possibility of the impossible.   We need to look for openings of possibility, rather than dwell on the fear of the unknown.   And what is possible depends wholly on the audacity of our goals and vision.  As we have seen from history, people such as Martin Luther King, whose birthday we celebrate this month, are people who are holders of ‘story’.

But…. Even our Visions are Limiting

However, even as we set visions, these are limiting to our fullest potential.  Our visions are based on what has happened in the past and present and what we think is possible.   Just as the cave man would not have been able to talk about his vision of a fridge freezer, our current visions still limit our fullest potential.  To go beyond our limits, we must be ready to sense into higher potential of what wider universal vision is ready to be born.

What role can I/We play?

So I see incredible opportunity for myself, others and initiatives such as the Finance Innovation Lab to lead the way in creating the new story.   I believe that we can up our game in doing so – here are a few ideas posed in the form of inquiry:

  • How can we magnify the breakdown of the old system?
  • What is our audacious vision and story of the new system?
  • How can we put a spot light on the shining new examples and case studies of people and organisations that are showing the way of the new story that other people can fall into?
  • How can we provide spaces of Love for people to be supported and be able to express their deepest values, concerns, fears and pain derived from the old system?
  • Who are the active change agents and the active middle ground people who are ready – how do we identify them?
  • Who are the people with the new paradigm story?  Where are the places of power and influence we can place them to tell this new story?
  • How can we best evidence that a ‘new way’ is possible?
  • How do we sense into the wider universal vision of what is ready to emerge?
  • How can I as a leader play a role in stitching together people, ideas and initiatives?
  • What can I do to open spaces for others to realise their gifts?
  • How can I hone my skills as a storyteller and what new story am I daring to tell and live?