Jean Houston's Word of Wisdom on Being A Sage

I love this piece by Jean Houston on "Sagedom"


By Jean Houston Page (Official)

I've just returned from speaking at the Age Nation Conference where I was honored with an award for my work in the field of what I can only call "saging" or Second Maturity (the years beyond 60)
Among my remarks I spoke of the importance of how recent mythic explorations in movies honor the sage..Look at the Dumbledore in the Harry Potter or Gandolf in Lord of the Rings.Their story is one of being Magus, of holding a different and deeper relationship to reality, and working to make a much better world. This requires of you a facility to self orchestrate consciousness along the continuum of states of consciousness to a place wherein one can change the state of one’s own being and from there the events of the world. One of the main ways this is done is through deeper states of consciousness- wherein one is no longer bound to the usual laws of form, and therefore has access to a much more fluid and malleable universe. As one gains access to these then even one’s more ordinary states of consciousness- those that have to do with reason and intuition become more integrated. The Magus learns to activate his physical and emotional energy so as to generate a field in which intention can more readily move towards manifestation. Making magic is a dynamic process by which you co-create reality with Spirit. And ultimately, all real magic is a manifestation of the Divine. This implies the sense of the Divine filling the world everywhere and in everything--thus all things including oneself is filled with this sacred energy. The practice here is to make oneself a conduit through which the sacred energy can flow. One receives and fills oneself with it, lets the energy do its magic on oneself and then directs this energy to a particular intention.
The lSage as Magus lives in a state in which he or she knows that everything is possible--it is not a question of belief--it is absolute knowing. Thus he or she lives in a different universe with much more pliable laws than most people agree to. longer periods of time.I think that it is fair to say that many of us now feel less ambiguity around the fact that we live in a magical universe. What the Sage is able to utilize and stay in touch with is the new metaphors drawn from science and the spiritual technologies of other cultures.Thus you as Sage allow for your relationship to the larger to invite the wonderful as probable--the magus oriented reality.Depth psychology, and sacred psychology as well as cross cultural studies on the nature of the psyche as I note in my studies suggest that we all possess access to an inner realm, one that contains the energies of archetypal stories and myths, the tales of inspirational folk from history, as well as the great creative patterns that guide and instruct us. Within these realms there may well be advanced and enhanced forms for society, healing, invention, creativity in arts and sciences, secrets to the way things work. Seedbeds planted with all manner of possibilities can be contacted their, farmed and grown. nature of its unfolding.

After all, it is all about energy, and it is there to be orchestrated, shaped, loved, felt--more - to evolve it into being. That is magic, and the task of the Sage as Magus is to prepare his or her mind, body, heart, and above all, feeling so as to transcend the obstructions of millennia of conscious noughting, and enter literally a new way of being that lead to a new for of reality. The elder as Magus teaches his or her students that they are walking magnets, always attracting what it is we are sending out on the frequency vibrations. Thought patterns are magnets, but when amplified by emotional power, are powerful magnets. The philosopher and practitioner of magic will tell you that the world of life is to a great extent created and maintained through the expression of emotional energy. And that is why the control and orchestration of emotional energy is the secret of all magic in all times and places. It is spiritual energy joined to emotional energy which together creates an extraordinary quality of sheer feeling that has the power to bring about changes and manifestation in all manner of things. It calls realities into being--be they for healing or abundance or social change or friendship or the success of any endeavor. Thus the Sage as Magus teaches ways to help override the collective negative vibrations that are coming to us all the time from a world in stress and fear and torment.

Another one of the greatest capacities of second maturity is the capacity for spiritual development. Having known the breadth of existence, we now have the capacity for knowing the subtleties of the depths as well in ways that few could have known them before. No longer needing to compete, to be acceptable, likeable, and all those other things considered respectable in society, people are finally being uncaged in their elder years, free to release energies and capacities that the culture restrained in them when they were younger. With this new freedom they gain also both the time and the abilities to join the ecology of their external existential existence to that of their internal essential existence. Thus can we become in later years living exemplars of the fact that Reality is a continuum in which subjective experience is as real and important as objective experience, and that our depths open up to a larger universe and a richer knowing, one in which a more complete "use-full-ness" is to be attained. The spiritual growth that follows is therefore grounded in one's biological and everyday existence. For the elder, daily life can become a spiritual exercise, whereas for the younger, too often the pursuit of spiritual realities is divorced from common experience.