Improvising and Going With The Flow

I joined the beginners improvisation class at City Academy with Jake Lyons because I wanted to learn to be on my edge – the edge of being in the moment.   Just being- right here, right now.  Not thinking of the past or of the future – just being.   Not caring what others think of me (really?)- just being.   Being with my intuition, my expression, my creativity and Doing what feels right, what is wanting to come through and what is real.


I am curious about improvisation (or – just living in the moment) as it seems that it is one of the purest states of Being.   I’m interested in these authentic places – not just for my own personal development, but also as a social change agent.  What would happen if we all lived our lives a bit more in the moment and improvised as we went along?   What if we didn’t care so much about our past patterns or future plans and expectations? All which often mask the truest potential of our deep creativity, connection and consciousness.   And, if we could unlock this potential of basic goodness – what could we achieve as individuals – and even greater-as a society??

I am intrigued.    So here is what I learned in my 8 weeks giving it a go at just being in the moment.  I’m going to continue to practice these – as they seem to give some little hints on how to live a life of creativity, consciousness and connection.   Just be, right here, right now.

1)    Relax!

2)    Don’t rush to speak first – sense into others– often they have a better idea than you do.

3)    Identify context straight away- who, what, where.

4)    People are attracted to stories of possibility- just say ‘yes’ to what is offered to you and take it from there.

5)    Be aware of your rhythm and adjust to the context.

6)    Exaggerate your emotions.

7)    Engage with glee!

8)    Let your body sense into what needs to happen and let it lead your expression.

9)    Face the audience & engage with intention.

10)  Just go with the flow and be open to what is wanting to be created!