Blogging From The Heart

I started a writing course a few weeks back -  “Blogging from the Heart’ – from the creative superstar – Susannah Conway.

As I make my way through the first week, I’d like to put a stake in the ground to say “Hallo Me!  Hallo World!  I am about to embark on a little journey….

What’s are my motivations to blog-from-my-heart?  

The biggie - I have been exploring how I can tap into my deeper truths.   My context framing for this year is ‘cultivating genius’.   I have a feeling that blogging will help me to dive deep into learning EVEN more about myself.    This includes practicing self- expression –including learning to share my vulnerabilities.   Get ready inner self, here I come!

The next biggie - I am now at a new level of my leadership where I want to create a crucible to make sense of the sense making.  As a pioneer of change I have a responsibility to help accelerate the birth of new meaning for humanity.  I know that blogging will help me to do this.  So I am doing this for me AND for others.

As I’ve learned from Susannah already – you must blog about what gives you energy - so I will be writing about three areas that super excite me:

|nature and systems|- the inherent beauty and awe of nature, natural systems as a guide for social change, the nexus of science and spirituality, evolution.

|relationships|-  the day to day of human behaviour, what inspires people to grow and develop, cultures, social movements, values, intention, consciousness.

|pioneers|-  the people, ideas and movements that are inspiring the new and need to be amplified, cheered, and given recognition.

How am I going to do this?   I will practice- lots!

I want to be a bit of a field anthropologist – picking up examples along the way.

Some short snippet posts, a reflective moment, a longer blog.

I’ll be using words, photos, videos and music to express my musings and making sense.

I would love to practice a tone that is fun and fearless – ‘cause I believe that we need both in the world right now. And taking myself a little less seriously is and edge I’d like to work on.

I have a simple blog site now  – however I’ll be working on improving this over the next few weeks- a mini makeover.

So here I go!   It feels good to put my intentions out there and thanks for receiving them.