10 Things You May Not Know About Me

logging from the Heart:  Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I am taking a 6 week blogging course - and one of the exercises is to share who you are with the world.

These are the 10 things that may surprise people about me.  And some of them surprise me too!  I’ve combined this week’s blog with weaving in strands of vulnerability.

Ok, so in no particular order....

1| My dream is – to own a mountain chalet

I can sense it now.   The scent of pine trees, mountain views, crisp air on my nose, creaky wooden floorboards, shaggy rugs, a library, a big kitchen with big pots with big steamy stews, an open cathedral living space bubbling with happy friends - laughing living and loving.  Deep in wild nature, my Source.  Nice.  And, someday soon.

2| My idea of a good time is – spending an evening in with soul sisters

There is nothing better than an evening in with my soul sisters.   Drinking red wine, eating lovingly cooked food, fireplace, pondering the big questions of life.  Reflecting on what makes people tick.  Talking about our growth.   Social movements.  Evolution.  Oh, and, the occasional boy story too.

3| One of the hardest decisions of my life- was splitting with my soul partner

Although this was one of the most heart wrenching decisions of my life, it was in the end, one of the best.  I have never held the instinct to give birth to children of my own.   He did.  So after 11 years of being deep and happy relationship we decided to part ways- out of love. We are still great friends and I am so very happy we both made decisions from a place of our deeper truths.

4| When I was young I - wanted to be an environmental lawyer

I used to rider around on my pony and post protest notes on constructions sites of houses that were tearing up local pristine forests.  Although they were not death threats per se, I seem to remember them being pretty close.  Little did the recipient know that there was an 8-year old girl on her Shetland pony behind the message.

5| I am -fascinated by flowers

I can easily sit and watch a flower, for an hour.  I get distracted on my way to meetings – stopping by flower boxes- in awe.   I am constantly amazed at the miracle of life, shown through flowers- beauty, gentleness, abundance.   I love how they are practical yet sensual at the same time.  There is not a flower that I have met that doesn’t radiate what it means to be alive for me.

6| My idea of a nightmare – is sailing in ocean storms and big waves

OOOH!  Just thinking about it now is churning my stomach.  I almost got sick last night – watching a movie with big waves.   One of the most imprinted scary memories, was a sail around the Isle of Wight in a gale force 8.   There’s not much more I want to say about this one- next!

7| The thing that has shaped me the most- is my relationship with my dad

I’ve had a really challenging relationship with my dad.   We are so very different, yet so very similar.  There is nothing else in the world that has helped me to pause for reflection, to work with the perceptions of myself and to spur me to let go of old identities. Ironically, our dysfunctional relationship has actually shaped all of my best traits.   Thanks Dad- little do you know how much I appreciate all of our ups and downs.  I love you.

8|  One of my passions- is buying 2nd hand

Perhaps there is a deeper psychological meaning behind this one – wanting to rescue the unloved?  Perhaps.  Although I do think it has more to do with my drive to make things better.  To apply my creativity.   To set an example of how we can live lightly on this planet.  Anyone want to join me at next week’s car boot?

9| My secret desire- is to join The Mile High Club

I worked for British Airways for about 6 years and have been so fortunate to travel the world.  Deep down I am an adventurer.   And, I have always had a secret desire to be part of the Mile High Club.   I never really came close so I suppose that is why it has always been a secret desire. Although pre 911, I did spend some night flights with several pilots in the cockpit, in the jump-seat.   Doesn’t really count does it?

10| The thing I look forward to in life- is to know that I helped humanity to evolve

That is my purpose  – to be a contribution, using my talents, skills, energy and full potential- to help humanity better align to the true nature of existence.  Which for me is about love, kindness, interconnection, creativity, expansiveness.  Yep, life thriving, pretty simple.