What Makes a Good Invitation?

An attractive invitation landed with me the other day to join a special leadership retreat in India.

I am energised to go.

It got me thinking….

“What if we created higher quality invitations – would that inspire greater movement action?”

Being curious about this I’ve reflected on the invitation and why it was a good one.

A few quick notes on what worked for me ….


Personal Resonance

I resonate deeply with the people who invited me. We have met several times before and I know we share similar purpose, values and vision.

Feeling Needed and Wanted

I felt that my hosts specifically wanted me to be there.  “Jen, we’ve been thinking about you - we’d really like you to join us for the PowWow in India’.

Fait au Complet

Although I have yet to confirm if I am going, I have already received joining instructions and Simon’s excitement of ‘Jen we are so pleased you will be part of it’.

Credibility and Trust of Hosts

I have had several meetings with my hosts before.  I know that they do high impact and quality work.  I know they engage with special communities of people who also do high quality work.


Being part of something Special and Important

Something about this event feels special.  It is invitation only and there are limited number of people are going, many of whom are amazing leaders in their fields.

Removing Barriers

My hosts have gone as far as to suggest that they will help me in considering costs of attending.  “Jen don’t worry about costs I am sure we can work it out’.

A Special Place

The retreat is in Rajasthan, India.   I feel allured by India as an important place to explore deep questions of leadership and sustainability. (Although carbon miles are likely to be a deal breaker for me!).

Return on my Intention

The conversations and the connections are likely to be aligned to my strategic work of systemic culture change for people and planet.  It will be a rich learning experience.

…. So we’ll see!