Tackling Root Issues

I went to the garden this weekend.

It’s not my garden you see – rather I am helping to bring my neighbors overgrown garden back to life.  I found out about it through www.Landshare.net the dating service for landowners and gardeners.   It is brilliant sharing model that is encourages people to build community and to share resources – two key ingredients needed for a sustainable future.

I am doing this, in part, to play an active role in my community.   I am also preparing myself for what I expect will be a climatically turbulent future.  One in which we are going to need to know how to cultivate our own food.  Green thumb, come on hurry up!

Anyways, back to the garden.   I went last weekend to get some fresh air, to bask in the spring sunshine and to connect to the earth.    However, I ended up having a unexpected and significant wrestling match with a seriously huge root.   (The one in the photo).

And this root taught me a lesson.

Actually,  it shared with me 10 lessons on what it means to  “tackle root issues in social change”.

They are hidden from sight and are hard to see.
They are stuck and securely entrenched.
The roots go deep in all directions.
They are bigger than you think.
The best thing to do is to just start digging!
You have to tackle it from multiple perspectives.
You often can’t see all of the interconnections.
Leveraging the core is powerful and effective.
You need patience and perseverance.
It takes time!

….. and, only when you have tackled the root issues, can you start sowing the seeds of the new.

There is nothing like learning through experience - so I give thanks to the root that I excavated for offering me these insights.