Sowing the Seeds of Systems Change


"So Jen.  What is all this systems change stuff about - it sounds so abstract and lofty.  I just don't get it."

"Ok, I say.   Imagine this....

You noticed the back garden looks unhealthy and rather dead.  There is no life it seems.  There is no diversity.  There is no productivity.   There is no beauty.

This beige land does not feel natural.  It is serving no-one. You take responsibility to do something.

You plant some seeds on a fine spring morning.  You don’t know if it is going to work.  You are not experienced at this.   You just work on intuition.

You sow the seeds.   You create the conditions for change.  You water. You pray for sun and light.  You sing songs of love.

The seeds?    They grow. They flourish.  They become abundant.

This is systems change.    You are part of it.    You can enable more possibility than you think."