Expansion, Light and Harmony.....

                 and expanded upward….

        danced harmoniously……

      radiated light…..

  The flames they…….

…..And we gathered around them in the warmth of a home on a cold winter’s eve, together, to make meaning for ourselves, for each other and for the world we live in.  We are a small group of people, friends and peers, who have intentionally come together over the past 12 months to learn how we can live in presence with the fundamental principles of the universe.    There was a richness in our time together and here are 10 gifts of insight that were given to me:

We are living amongst a dying ideology that lives in fear, control and pain – this is vividly seen and experienced through the stories of our parents.  How do we hospice those who still live with this dying worldview?

We are experimenting with and creating new forms of relating, partnering, working, birthing, parenting, hospicing and dying.   How do we look after ourselves in what can often feel as a liminal and ‘in between’ place?

We are discovering what it really means to be whole – body, soul and spirit.   Living here on earth, whilst living in heaven too.    How do we practice living wholeness?

What does it mean to die?   Relationships die.  The ‘will to live’ dies for some people.  The body dies.   How do we know when something is dead, and how do we best mark death in order to give birth to the new?  How can we recognize the ‘seasons’ of life and relationships?

We are discovering how to commune with each other- ‘to be in a state of intimate heightened sensitivity with another’.    Communing is made easy with people who share a common purpose, values and culture.   And the creation of a safe and intimate space is also important – how can we create sacred places for communing with each other? (fire, food and furry animals help!)

As we become more awake in the world, we become more aware of behaviour.  Our own behaviours and ways of relating are a reinforcing factor in anothers'  behaviour.  How can we take responsibility to redefine how we behave, as a means to inspire new behaviours and relating with others? How can we be compassionate, without being ‘idiotically compassionate’?

It is often from our stories of darkness that our beauty is born.    Do we prevent ourselves from fully appreciating the beauty, if we don’t fully appreciate the darkness?

One of the great capacities needed in the world is to sit with, engage and work with the messiness, complexity and conflict that exists in the world, in our lives and in our relationships.   How can we build our capacity for this?

We make meaning in our lives through the stories we tell.   Those who make meaning have power (highly resonating definition!), so story = power.   How can we tell coherent stories of who we are, what we do and our vision for the future?

We live in a world that is expansive, light and harmonious.  Our universe is abundant.   How can we, who are intentionally creating ‘systems change for higher consciousness cultures’, attract abundance for our collective work?    How do we strategically weave our work together for greater impact as a collective field whilst cultivating our unique experiences, gifts and perspectives?