A Letter to Money

Dear Money

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now.

I realise that our friendship has been a bit weird over the years.

I am writing to you with the intention of clarifying what you mean to me and to establish a positive relationship with you.

No hard feelings, ok?

Unlike many of my other friends you are unique:  you are completely neutral.

It’s only me that places a judgement on you are- - I see you either as good or bad, helpful or harmful.  Funny how what one thinks, one manifests in life.

And I must say, up to this point in my life – I have always assumed that you are a greedy, selfish, unabashed powerful force that skews what is real to me.

I experienced this as a child in feeling judged and excluded for not having as much money as the neighbors or as much money the “Amherst’ kids.  This was completely crazy – because in context, my family and I were really financially fortunate.   However context is shaping eh?

It is for this reason that I have always avoided you, chosen to resist you and all that you represent.

And, now it has just clicked as to why you don’t come around often to spend time with me.

However, I have recently been reminded that you are only the reality that I place on you.   I have wrongly judged you over the years.  I apologise, so please do forgive me.

Choosing to view you in another light … this is what I see.

You enabled my parents to give me a great upbringing – equestrian sports, a great education, straight teeth, a car, clothes, a house, delicious and healthy meals everyday.  I can’t thank you enough for this privilege.

You have enabled me to explore the world, to meet amazing people, to have life shifting experiences and to be safe and secure.   I would not be the highly conscious person that I am with out your support.

You spark possibilities for people and humanity.  You are fuelling a shift to the new green economy.

I realise now too, that to continue my journey as a catalyst for change, I do need you.

You are a true enabler.  You create abundance.  You can make a positive impact.  You are awesome.

So there you have it.

As of today, I am releasing all negative judgement of you and I welcome you into my life from now on.  Anytime.

Thanks for listening and I am sure I will see you soon.

Take care.

Love ,