What does it take to start movement for change?

I’ve recently been witnessing the building of a new initiative for change – WWFX.

Co-founders Kate, Clare, Polly and Marcela are working to reinvent the value chains of businesses for positive planetary impact.

Over the last year they have been cultivating the seed of their idea and it is now growing ….

As an agent of change, I am fascinated by how things ‘start and form’– here are a few patterns I have been noticing over time:


1.     A passionate caller who has an audacious vision and persistence to build movement – we need to support (positively) crazy people!

2.     Find people who believe in you 110% - resonance is power

3.     Cultivate and deepen relationships- resources will follow

4.     Create a empowered team based on shared intention and friendship

5.     Form a ‘healthy body of a team’ – heart (feelings), head (ideas), hands(action) and gut (intuition) are all essential to evolve

6.     ‘Network yourself into an untouchable space’ – WWFX Supporter

7.     Crisis and criticism are a great opportunity to focus, build and shapeshift into next form

8.     It is about the community – the whole is more powerful than the parts

9.     How you make people feel is more important than how you make them think

10. Celebrate success and be grateful –positive energy grows positive energy!