I am part strategist, part entrepreneur and part intentional evolutionary!

I am fascinated by the interplay between personal, interpersonal and systems change as I believe we need to be working at these multiple levels to enable the scale of the change that is needed now.

My work is about supporting systems pioneers to design, facilitate and implement strategies for social innovation and positive impact– so that humanity can evolve to support all of life thriving. 

The systems pioneers I empower come from organisations and networks in civil society, philanthropy, entrepreneurial business and education. The people I help are all working towards creating a sustainable world. I bring lateral insights, practical tools and experience and a wealth of relationships to the people and projects I work with.

I enable people to see the bigger picture, think creatively and work collaboratively and to tune into their deeper purpose, values and strengths.  

My skills, talents and experience include:

  • Designing strategies for social innovation at scale for positive impact

  • Developing new paradigm organisations

  • Building collaborative and learning focused multi-stakeholder communities

  • Attracting resources and developing new business

  • Facilitating innovation processes e.g. workshops and meetings

  • Coaching and mentoring for purpose and values based leadership

I was raised in New Hampshire, USA where I discovered the fundamental interconnectivity between humans and the natural world.  I have also lived in some of the greatest cultural cities where I have learnt about human creativity and potential.  Putting these two together, I am driven to help human systems to evolve and to align to natural systems.

I’ve worked for some of the most trusted brands – British Airways, The Body Shop and WWF- leading large social innovation initiatives that have helped to redefine travel, wellbeing and finance.  As an intrapreneur within WWF, I initiated The Finance Innovation Lab in 2008 – which was named as one of Britain’s Brand New Radicals by NESTA and The Observer and is now a successful independent organisation.

I am currently an external advisor for University of Surrey's Centre for Understanding Global Prosperity and I have been an advisor to  The RSA's Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing programme and a Fellow at Cambridge Judge's Centre for Social Innovation.  I've have helped to grow other organisations through Board and Advisory roles at ShareAction, BankTrack, UK Values Alliance and Earth Capital Partners.

I continue to develop my insights gleaned from my MSc in Responsibility in Business Practice from the University of Bath - 'How a Relational Reality Underpins Human Designed Systems'.  

Currently I split my time an independent change consultant and as the Executive Director for The Psychosynthesis Trust.   Through these two roles I am able to span the breadth of working to enable both  'inner and outer change'.  I believe that we need to be working at multiple levels to catalyse profound change in the world.

As a consultant, I share my knowledge and knowhow around strategies for systems change and social innovation with leaders around the world.   My clients include Calouste Gulbenkian, Esmee Fairbairn, Environmental Funders Network, The Innovation Unit, Hivos, Citizens Advice, ,  Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), UCL, WWF-Sweden and WWF-Switzerland and Intelligentlife.

I regularly share my practical knowledge and knowhow on systems change, values leadership and collaborative communities through speaking, writing and mentoring.